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FORBES - Francois Payard's Macaron Donut 
In case you missed it, it was Macaron Day in New York City last month. You can say merci to Chef Francois Payard for that first day of sweet spring when bakeries across the city in association with Relais Desserts give away treats while raising awareness of City Harvest.
TOWN AND COUNTRY - Mothers Day Gift Ideas
A box of pretty pastel Macarons, perfect for Mother's Day! 
RADAR - Celebrity Sightings Around the World
On April 4, 2016 80 top connoisseurs of confection from around the world gathered to create a unique tasting experience for guests in order to benefit a good cause. 
TIME MAGAZINE - Love it or Leave it
 Chef Payard's Macaron Donut was featured on the "Love it!" section of Time Magazine. 
CNBC - Chef Payard's Macaron Donut
Want to satiate your sweet tooth? World-famous Chef Francois Payard will release his Macaron Donut mash-up to all customers on Macaron Day, March 20.
GUEST OF A GUEST - Macaron Day 2016
Sunday may just be the most important day of the year: Macaron Day. Thanks to French pastry chef Francois Payard, bakeries all over the city will be teaming up to treat all New Yorkers to the petite, pretty, classic French cookie.
EPOCH TIMES - National Macaron Day With François Payard
Pastry chef François Payard has created a new treat to celebrate National Macaron Day: a macaron donut.
INSIDER food - This is a macaron and a doughnut, all in one.

GOTHAMIST - Map: Where To Get Free Macarons This Sunday For Macaron Day

Celebrate the first day of spring with a free cookie crawl for the annual Macaron Day event dedicated to the delicate French cookies filled with flavored cream. On Sunday, March 20th, a bunch of area patisseries will be offering free macarons at their stores for customers who come and mention the holiday. 

 10-abc-news.jpg  ABC NEWS - Chef Francois Payard unveils Macaron Donut ahead of Macaron Day

First there was the cronut and now there's the macaron donut. The "Macaron Donut" is famed pastry chef Francois Payard's latest creation in honor of Macaron Day on March 20.

NBC New York - Food Mashups 

Frankenfoods, mashups, hybrids, however you call it New York City eateries are as creative as ever. Joelle Garguilo checks out three of the latest, including the Everything Donut.




 REFINERY 29 - This is the latest twist on the Doughnut

Created by pastry chef François Payard, this treat takes the small size and tasty filling of a macaron and transforms it into the shape of — you guessed it — a doughnut.


 PEOPLE - The beautiful Macaron Donuts are the new Mashup you need to know about 


There is no shortage of pastry mash-ups lately, but this one might just take the cake.

To celebrate National Macaron Day on March 20, pastry chef Francois Payard decided to combine the colorful French confection with the beloved American doughnut. The result: the Macaron Donut. 


 TOWN & COUNTRY- The Macaron we've all been waiting for 

Not only did pastry chef François Payard invent Macaron Day (which takes place March 20), but he's now responsible for a cookie innovation we can only call genius. Say hello to the "Macaron Donut" a pastry-fied work of art that combines the rarified elegance of the macaron with its doughy, equally delicious cousin, the donut. It's the size of a macaron, but the shape of a donut. Plus: sprinkles. 

 5-mashable.jpg  MASHABLE - Get ready to swoon over the Macaron Donut

Possibly the only thing better than macarons and donuts are when the two are smashed together into one perfect dessert.

Famed pastry chef Francois Payard is the genius behind this new sweet: the macaron donut.


 NEW YORK POST - Behold the "Macaron Donut"

A new Instagram-worthy dessert is on the horizon.

To celebrate Macaron Day on March 20, French pastry chef François Payard will whip up the "Macaron Donut" a mash-up of — you guessed it — macarons and doughnuts.


 THE DAILY MEAL - Francois Payard to Debut the "Macaron Donut" on Macaron Day

March 20 marks the long-awaited first day of spring, and the return of Macaron Day in New York City. French pastry chef François Payard, who has organized Macaron Day for the past six years, is introducing a macaron donut for this year’s celebration.


 HELLO GIGGLES - A Macaron Donut Hybrid

June 5th is National Doughnut Day — one of the best days of the year, IMHO. Although we still have three months to wait (sob), Macaron Day is coming up on March 20th and patiserrie Francois Payard is giving us the gift of the Macaron Donut. 



AM NEW YORK - Francois Payard's Macaron Day Mashup

Macaron Day is just around the corner (March 20), andFrancois Payard is not messing around this year. For 2016, instead of creating a new flavor for the food holiday, he has created a whole new dessert item: a mash-up of a macaron and a doughnut.


GUEST OF A GUEST - Last Minute Valentine's Day Plans 

Francois Payard, the bakery famous for its macarons and more, has a sweet selection of Valentine's Day gifts in holiday boxes


PEOPLE MAGAZINE - Chocolate Pudding Cake

Chef Francois Payard shares his famous Chocolate Pudding Cake recipe with People- decadent, delicious and easy to make!


GLAMOUR - Mail Order Sweets for Valentine's Day 

Manhattan’s macaron mainstay never disappoints. This collection comes with six flavors of cheerful, delicate meringue cookies, including pistachio, coffee, and passion fruit.


NEW YORK POST - What 5 Execs Wear to Seal a Deal

It’s not every 18-year-old whose girlfriend will casually gift him an old Breitling, but that’s what happened to Payard. The world-renowned pastry chef, 49, now owns close to 50 watches. “I wear watches like women wear earrings,” he says of his catholic tastes.


HUFFPOST - Francois Payard Shares His Cookies 

Francois Payard is a legendary baker, so of course any advice of his is worth listening to. But when it comes to cookies it is even more important to pay attention. 


FRENCH MORNING - Où trouver la galette des rois à New York?

Les pâtisseries Payard proposeront des galettes classiques à la frangipane à partir du 2 janvier.


LUCKY PEACH - The History of the Croissant

Pastry chef Francois Payard (a third-generation baker and the chef of Payard Patisserie in New York) says that when the pastries bake the butter makes little pockets of steam in the dough, which create the layers that give a croissant its unmistakable flakiness. 


THE EPOCH TIMES - Holiday Markets, Brasserie Closing, Specials at Bouley and Pig and Khao

Pastry chef François Payard has created a special Liberty Holiday Cake to celebrate his native country France and his second home, New York City. The cake is made of dark chocolate Chantilly and layers of praline, with a crème brûlée center.


SAVEUR - We Can't Stop Gawking At These Gorgeous Buche de Noel


Francois Payard has been making bûches de Noël since the ]80s. Now, Payard makes four varieties (available at his four Manhattan locations) each year, three of which are chocolate- and/or nut-based, and one that is fruit-based.


HAUTE LIVING - 6 New York Sate of Mind Gifts


French New Yorker,François Payard, pays homage to the rich and storied connection between The Big Apple and The City of Light with a new, limited release Liberty Holiday Cake, available Monday, December 14 through the end of the month. 


 FOOD & WINE - 5 Awesome Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes 


Fudgy Chocolate-Walnut Cookies: These amazing chewy cookies from pastry wizard Francois Payard can be made big or small, and pecans or hazelnuts can stand in for the walnuts.


THE EPOCH TIMES - François Payard on the Cookies That Time Forgot



...Cookies take time, it takes practice. "A lot of people now don’t have piping skills anymore,” he said. “Everybody wants to be a pastry chef, but they want to go fast and forget about the details... Payard Cookies is a cookbook that is not meant to be a coffee table book. Payard hopes readers will make use of it.


THE NEW YORK TIMES - Baking Cookbooks That (Gently) Push the Limits


Francois Payard's... exacting instructions will get you near-professional results that, while time consuming, are completely worth the extra focus.


INSTYLE - Gift guide issue 


Renowned French pastry chef Francois Payard bundles his favorite gel food colors, silicon baking mat, piping bag and more... for his DIY Macaron Kit




 RESTAURANT GIRL - Our Favorite Fall Desserts


Being that he’s one of the most highly regarded pastry chefs in the business, you can always count on Francois Payard to satiate your sweet tooth.  

 Epochtaste-Payard cookies

THE EPOCH TIMES - Payard Cookies’ Review: Sweet Treats for Sweet Holiday Memories


If you’re looking to kick it up a notch this holiday season I would highly recommend choosing one of the delectable morsels from French pastry chef François Payard’s new cookbook “Payard Cookies.”


THE MANUAL - Francois Payard's Chocolate Pecan Tart


Feasting is our column dedicated to cooking, grilling, eating and discovering what’s on the menu across America and the world.


WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY - Chef Payard Launches a New Book about Cookies


While the Monday morning crowd debated between croissants and pain au chocolat in FPB’s Houston Street bakery, chef François Payard could be found in his subterranean office mapping out the day...


THRILLIST - The 21 Best Bakeries in America


Noted Ho Ho hater Francois Payard has been rapidly building an empire for himself in Manhattan, and even abroad. (What's up, Japanese and Korean department stores?) His macarons tend to get most of the hype...


THE VILLAGE VOICE - Francois Payard Shares His Favorite Recipes in New Book


François Payard leans against the pastry counter of FP Patisserie (1293 Third Avenue; 212-717-5252), his temple of sugar and spice, surrounded by artfully arranged towers of cookies, in honor of his new book,Payard Cookies...


THE VILLAGE VOICE - Francois Payard, Payard Cookies


Before there was Dominique Ansel's Cronut, there was François Payard's yule log. Come the holidays, his take on the classic Christmas dessert is one of the most in-demand pastries in the city...


THE DAILY MEAL- Payard Cookies' Launch Party 


Chef Francois Payard has compiled some of the tastiest cookie recipes known to man in his new book, Payard Cookies.  From hearty granola cookies to delicate coconut financiers...


FOOD & WINE - A Baker's Dozen of the Ultimate Chocolate Desserts for National Dessert Day


These amazing six-ingredient flourless cookies from Francois Payard are chewy, deeply chocolatey and super easy to make...


Wall Street Journal Expat - Spot the Difference: French Food in New York is Never Quite French


French pastry chefs moving to the U.S. also have to adapt to local taste. François Payard arrived in New York 25 years ago and now runs five eponymous bakeries in NYC...



AM New York- Where to celebrate October Food Holidays in NYC


Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Celebrate with New York's original Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres, or pick up some premium truffles at Francois Payard...





if you’re looking for something sweet in Las Vegas, head to Caesars Place and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind culinary hotspot devised and perfected by French pastry chef Francois Payard.




This dessert from Patissier Francois Payard is sure to become a new family favorite.



James Beard Award winning pastry chef, Francois Payard has an exquisite beauty with blackberries and pears as cozy companions.



Brazilian Magazine introducing Francois Payard



Apples dipped in honey are a traditional part of the Rosh Hashanah table, meant to express the hopes for a sweet new year. 



Celebrated pâtissier Francois Payard has announced that his stores will feature an apple honey cake...



The High Holidays begin on Sunday with Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish new year. And plenty of NYC ...



Starting Friday, the famed patissier will turn out a limited-time apple-honey cake, prepared in traditional French financier fashion with freshly ground almonds



Financier is a French cake, similar to a sponge cake, made with almonds.



With storefront bakeries in New York, Las Vegas, South Korea and Japan, the secret is out on French pastry chef François Payard and his macaroons.



Apples dipped in honey are a traditional part of the Rosh Hashanah table, meant to express the hopes for a sweet new year. Patissier Francois Payard spins the tradition into this luxe Apple Honey Cake...


ROSH HASHANAH IN NYC: Recipes from top chefs

Every fall, Jewish New Yorkers crowd Zabar's, Fairway and their local kosher butcher, pack extended family members into...




Here is still a little bit of peach season left, and celebrated Patissier Francois Payard has shared his Rustic Peach Tart recipe so that we can take advantage of every last moment. 


11 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

The annual 60th Street celebration will return this Sunday, July 12 with its famed can-can dancers and new musical acts for the holiday. Food aficionados will delight in delicacies from local eateries like François Payard Bakery...



DNA info nYC

Francois Payard's Coconut Mango Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is everything you'd expect from a fancy French macaron...



Chef Francois Payard’s Rustic Peach Tart

With that in mind, celebrated patissier Chef Francois Payard shares this recipe for his Rustic Peach Tart. Called “the ultimate ode to fresh summer peaches”...



The Ice Cream Sandwich: Invented and Reinvented in New York City

Think back to when you were a kid, and the ice cream man handed you your very first ice cream sandwich–just a scoop held together by two soft cookies...



Bastille Day on 60th Street

Celebrate France's Independence Day at this Gallic fair filled with bakery bites (crêpes, éclairs) from François Payard...




On July 14, 1789, a Parisian mob stormed the Bastille prison, a symbolic victory



Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC with fetes, fromages and more!

Celebrate the beginning of the French Revolution -- why not!-- with plenty of parties, cheese and wine in NYC...



5 Places to Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

Bastille Day, also known as French National Day, celebrates the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution...



Food and drink by voice

From 12 p.m. to 5 p.m, Bastille Day on 60th Street by Alliance Français will take over a city block, with plenty of pastries starting at $5 from the likes of Francois Payard...



Foodista magazine

Celebrate the Fourth with a cool, fruity treat that is spiked with champagne from Patissier Francois Payard...



Cool hunting magazine

Another wonder from patissier Francois Payard, this granité—similar to an alcohol-based sorbet—is fruity and fun...



5 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches In NYC

According to the New York Times, the ice cream sandwich was first created by...


chocolate barbecue sauce

This creative BBQ chocolate sauce was introduced by chocolatier Francois Payard. It's the perfect topping to ice cream, pie, berries and any other seasonal fruits...


The daily meal magazine

Chocolate and barbecue sauce may sound a little crazy, but this combination is surprisingly delicious...



The best ice cream sandwiches in NYC

New Yorkers love sandwiches, but that love isn’t for the savory kind alone. Some of our favorite sandwiches can be found at ice cream shops and dessert places...



Uber eats

Francois Payard's specialty lunch box served with smoked turkey sandwich on a pretzel morisette...



The 10 Best Bakeries in America

Visiting an actual bakery to buy bread is like going to a butcher to buy meat or a fishmonger to buy fish — a dying habit...



Chocolate BBQ Sauce

We're getting ready to head to our local fair, where the kids show their Holsteins and we will be camped out there for five days...



6 ice cream sandwiches to try this summer

Ice cream season is here and this summer is all about the sandwich...



cool hunting

Developed by chocolatier Francois Payard, this super-simple and quick to make (10 minutes most) recipe takes BBQs in a new direction...



chocolate news, reviews

I love when my mystery and chocolate worlds collide! Today I welcome back...


The Doe Fund’s 4th Annual Sweet: New York Tasting Event

Last week, hundreds of supporters of The Doe Fund attend the fourth annual sweet: New York tasting event and fundraiser at the Bowery Hotel...



Upgrade your lunch to benefit hungry kids this week

f the closest you’ve gotten to The Lambs Club is staring longingly at its Instagram, then make it lunch today — no expense account required...




Did you know that each day 700,000 free meals are served each day in schools across NYC, that kids have to do without during the summertime?...



Paris in the Springtime, in New York

MY breakfast this morning was a perfect croissant. I hadn’t realized such a thing existed in New York until a Parisian pointed me in its direction...



Reimagining Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are elegant in their simplicity and sociable in their familiarity. In fact, they are so basic they offer the perfect blank canvas upon which operators can experiment and create...



Your Last Ditch Effort for Making Mom Happy This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and if, like most, you save your shopping until the very last minute, you might find yourself in a bit of a dilemma! ...



Surf (and eats) up in Montauk

Surfer-turned-restaurateur James “Jamo” Willis and business partner Robert Hirsh are the new owners of Harbor in Montauk...



Popular 'Vegas Uncork'd' Culinary Event to Return on April 23

Vegas Uncork’d by "Bon Appetit," the star-studded culinary event, will return to Las Vegas on April 23 and run until April 26...



The Ultimate T&C Mother's Day Gift Guide

Discover the Francois Payard's cake...



easter 2015...



Guide to the Best Easter & Passover Sweets

On the surface, it might not seem like Easter and Passover have a whole lot in common. But one thing the two celebrations definitely share? Their association with delicious (and primarily chocolate-covered) treats...



7 Chocolate Easter Eggs We Just Can't Say No To

We've never been able to resist chocolate, whether it's in the form of bars or a rich, steaming cup of cocoa...



Shopping: The Ultimate Easter Basket Treats

When it comes to snapping up the sweetest spring-inspired treats for Easter this year, now’s the time to hop to it!...



The Weekly Dish

We love sweets from NYC’s William Greenberg Desserts , and we’re grateful the company cranks out such luscious kosher-for-Passover treats...



Town and country

 Super chic chocolate eggs...



Here Are All the Places Giving Away Free Macarons on Friday

While Grub Street isn't in the habit of celebrating — or even acknowledging — made-up food holidays, free macarons are a different story altogether...



Celebrate Spring with Macaron Day 2015

Believe it or not, there’s already a National Soup Day, a National Cheeseburger Day and a National Pigs in a Blanket Day (yes really!). So why shouldn’t there be a Macaron Day...



New York City's Sixth Macaron Day

Friday is the first day if spring, as well as Macaron Day in New York City. That means bakeries all over the city will be giving out free Macarons..



It's Officially Spring & You Deserve A Free Macaron

Even though it is snowing today (BOOOOO!), it is also officially the first day of spring. Congratulations, New Yorkers...




Every day, Francois Payard is brought a batch of the previous day's French macarons in order for him to assure that the ones sold in his shops have matured to perfection...



Where to get free macarons on Macaron Day NYC

What’s better than the first day of spring in NYC? Macarons. Duh! On Friday, March 20, those colorful and creamy French pastries will be given out for FREE at participating locations during NYC’s 6th annual Macaron Day...



NYC's free macarons shops

In addition to our guide for the 8 best macaron shops in New York City, you can use this handy map from Gothamist that shows where they are free on Macaron Day...



the daily meal and food events

Did you miss Pancake Day? Margarita Day? Decaffeinated Coffee Day? Lately I’ve been bombarded with news of special food days...



wine enthusiast magazine

In 2010, chef François Payard and the macaron maniacs at his five New York City pastry shops declared the first day of spring “Macaron Day NYC,” coinciding with the annual “Jour du Macaron” in Paris...



Where to get free macarons for Macaron Day NYC

What’s better than the first day of spring in NYC? Macarons. Duh! On Friday, March 20, those colorful and creamy French pastries will be given out for FREE at participating locations during NYC’s 6th annual Macaron Day...



Where to Get a Free Macaron This NYC Macaron Day

NEW YORK CITY – Welcome spring with a macaron. Or maybe five...



Several New York City Bakeries To Offer Free Macarons On 6th Annual "Macaron Day NYC"

"I think the macaron has captivated the world with its pastel colors. You buy with your eyes first, and then with your stomach," noted Pâtissier Francois Payard...



Francois Payard Hosts Citywide Macaron Crawl to Benefit City Harvest

Pâtissier Francois Payard and City Harvest will mark the first day of spring by hosting a citywide macaron crawl...



New york family magazine

Macaron Day 2015..



Where To Get Free Macarons Next Week For Macaron Day

Next week brings not only the First Official Day Of Spring, but also the return of Macaron Day, the celebration of delicate French cookies filled with flavored cream...



Where to snag free sweets next week on Macaron Day

Next week, New Yorkers get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the official start of spring and our right to rake in gratis goodies from patisseries across the city...




f you look close enough, you just might spot a few outdoor tables popping up around the city. Here are five food and drink events you may want to head out to...



bustle magazine

There’s no better time of year for sugar rushes and texting your crushes than Valentine’s Day...



valentine's day dinner

Discover the best NYC restaurants to take your place...



best chocolate cake in us

The most popular cake at this NYC institution is the Louvre Cake...



gh magazines

The Best Store-Bought Valentine's Treats...



the best chocolate in us for food & wine magazine

Discover the amazing Francois Payard's macarons...




It took me a while to figure out what, exactly, I wanted to write about Valentine’s Day this year. Last year’s post was pretty epic, essentially my guide to get all the guys laid for Valentine’s Day...



tasting table magazine

There's something charming about those red hearts of cheap chocolate lining drugstore shelves...



The new york time magazine

François Payard has a bit of fun that’s not too louche with chocolate lips, which come packed in a stylish clutch...



THE NIBBLE’s Gourmet News & Views

We love gifts with “keeper” boxes. We always find ways to repurpose the boxes, which continue to remind us of the gift and the giver...



valentine's day gift guide

Making their debut this year, the Kiss Me collection of Grand Cru dark-chocolate lips by chef Francois Payard are made from highly coveted cacao...


Fall in love with aphrodisiacs in NYC

Locally-sourced aphrodisiacs can woo any New Yorker. "According to the Oxford English Dictionary an aphrodisiac is a drug, preparation or food that invokes lust," explains food historian Francine Segan...



Valentine's day gift ideas

You can never go wrong with the classics on Valentine’s Day. And Francois Payard knows his way around chocolate, which is why we love his special V-day offerings...



Gotham magazine

“These are delicate and delicious! My dear friend Francois truly understands the language of love...”




Fancy Chocolates For Your Sweet Valentine

Here are some of the best online havens to find, order, and get delivered some of the chicest Valentine’s Day chocolate...



Marketing CEO Herb Karlitz Toasts Citymeals-on-Wheels in Harlem

Over the busy weekend, marketing mogul Herb Karlitz had two big reasons to party. The CEO of Karlitz and Company hosted a star and chef-studded bash to celebrate NYC’s Citymeals-On-Wheels program...



Snatch Up Tickets for 10 New Vegas Uncork'd Events Just Announced

Ten new Vegas Uncork’d events went on sale for the food festival that takes over the Strip April 23-26...



Make François Payard's chocolate truffles for Valentine's day

With Valentine's Day on a Saturday this year, why not opt for a night in instead of fighting the NYC crowds? Chef Francois Payard believes that there's nothing more romantic than a homemade chocolate...



Galette des Rois

Galette des rois (or King Cake) is a traditional French pastry filled with almond cream. It’s traditionally made in celebration of Epiphany...



King Cakes Return with New Old-School Style

Just when you thought it was safe to resolve swearing off sweets, King Cake season has returned to tempt your palate with French pastry and frangipane...



Bustle Magazine

This Francois Payard collection has fillers from creamy roasted peanut butter to fresh ginger...



French morning new york

L’épiphanie est le 6 janvier, mais plusieurs d’entre vous la fêteront le dimanche 4. French Morning vous a dégotté quelques adresses où acheter le « King’s Cake » à New York...



somm in the city magazine

Thanks to Chef François Payard, we were able to get his special Galette des Rois aka Kings Day Cake recipe...!